Muddled script, poor editing and sloppy dubbing melt ‘Snowman’


When you see as many movies as I do, it’s inevitable you’re going to see some bad ones. I don’t see every film released, so I do have the opportunity to pick and choose. Often, movies just don’t look good from the beginning, either because of their marketing materials or simply based on their creators’ past record of success — or lack thereof.

Sometimes, however, a film seemingly has everything going for it, but is still an absolute mess in the end. And as viewers, we are left simply wondering how it could have happened.

That was my reaction upon leaving “The Snowman,” a film based on a best-selling crime thriller by author Jo Nesbø, directed by successful filmmaker Tomas Alfredson (“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” “Let the Right One In”) and boasting a cast that includes Michael Fassbender (“X-Men: First Class”), Rebecca Ferguson (“Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”), Charlotte Gainsbourg (“Independence Day: Resurgence”), J.K. Simmons (“Patriots Day”) and Val Kilmer (“Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans”).

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