‘A Bad Moms Christmas’ delivers plenty of laughs under the tree


In my review of the 2016 comedy, “Bad Moms,” I called it a laugh-producing machine of a comedy even though I was obviously not a mom. Well, 16 months later, I’m still not a mom, but I was laughing nearly as hard at “A Bad Moms Christmas,” which once again stars Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn as Amy, Kiki and Carla, three overworked women trying to be good moms in a world that sees anything less than perfect as bad.

The magic of both movies is the fact that writers/director Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who also penned “The Hangover” trilogy, manage to tell tales that are focused on moms, but are still relatable to anyone who has felt overworked and under-appreciated in their life and just wanted to quit trying to be perfect.

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